Use Tools to Generate Long-Tail Keywords

Like with buyer intent, the more specific your keywords are, the more likely you are to get people who actually want your product. This is where long-tail keywords come in. You can use tools like Ubersuggest or AffiloTools to develop a list of highly-targeted long tail keywords. I’ll show you how easy it can be. … Continue reading

Latest SEO Keyboard Design

Hello Friends as you might be knowing there is one of the fastest growing internet users in the world. It has passed 500 million members. Of these users, 135 million are said to be actively visiting the social network each month. I think its the future of social network. If you are not using it … Continue reading


On average users only read 28% of words per visit (I hope this doesn’t apply to my blog!)  Researchers found that color visuals increase the willingness to read by 80%  67% of the audience were persuaded by the verbal presentation that had accompanying visuals  

Google Adwords Campaign Settings – PPC

List of Google Adwords Campaign Settings: 1. Set a huge budget. 2. Set a very tiny budget. 3. Set Delivery to Accelerated. 4. Set Delivery to Standard. 5. Set bidding option to maximum limits. 6. Set bidding option to preferred bids 7. Set bidding option to Budget Optimizer. 8. Set bidding option to Conversion Optimizer (if you … Continue reading

PPC Plan of Action

Increase your Website Sales in 2 weeks, by using PPC Pay per Click (meaning Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Yahoo/Bing/Ad center PPC ads) can get your website new leads and sales in less than 2 weeks. These PPC advertising platforms are made especially for new websites, as new websites usually take 4-6 months (or more) … Continue reading

Understanding of ROI for Google Adwords

How much of the profit you have made up of your ads compared to what proportion you have spent on those Google AdWords ads. Come on investment (known as ROI) measures the quantitative relation of your profits to your advertising prices. ROI is usually the foremost necessary activity for advertisers as a result of it … Continue reading

Working Module of Google Adwords

Tips & Tricks –  How Does Google Adwords Work? If you were to inform the typical net surf-boarder that these were paid results and advertisers paying on a per click basis and bidding on your actual keywords, this might blow their mind! Even as on-line marketers we’ve a concept however Google Adwords works, however most … Continue reading

PPC Campaign Management and Analysis

PPC Campaign Management and Analysis The PPC Campaign Management and Analysis program includes the following features:  Daily monitoring of keyword performance (traffic, sales, cost per acquisition and return on investment numbers), keyword evaluation and adding, removing and reconfiguring of keyword phrases, ad groups and ad copy to grow the total number of productive keyword phrases … Continue reading

Mobile Pay-per-click Advertising

5 ways that to enhance Mobile Performance Here are 5 things, below; you’ll be able to do to enhance your mobile PPC performance. Build campaigns devoted specifically to mobile. Determine campaigns wherever the mobile section is activity well, and use that knowledge to create a brand new campaign that’s utterly targeted on mobile. This can … Continue reading

PPC Management in India

Pay Per Click ( PPC) India If you would like to extend sales in brief quantity of your time “Pay-Per Click” (PPC), may be a nice alternative for your business. Advertising on-line comes in several forms. however there’s no kind of advertising as versatile and effective as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. Not solely can it assist … Continue reading

Effective PPC Campaign Strategies

Pay per click (PPC) advertising, programme selling (SEM) and programme improvement (SEO) square measure all a part of internet selling business accustomed facilitate promote a web site that reciprocally brings a huge and continuous quantity of net traffic thereto for the aim of worldwide advertisements.  These net selling strategies will indefinitely boost the amount of … Continue reading

Mobile PPC Campaign and Ads

Google mobile searches have inflated ten-fold within the last two years and smartphone internet usage has skyrocketed. A mobile PPC campaign can make sure you reach this growing audience of potential customers. Sophisticated Mobile Campaigns: Separate pay per click campaigns will be designed to focus on solely mobile users, and there square measure lots of … Continue reading

Free Time Watch Video

Hello Friend Please view the videos online when you get frustrated with your work Listen this song to cool your mind. Through – Official Music Video Director – Christine Crokos DP – Steven Priovolos Editorial and Finishing – Benjamin Bernard Digital Featuring Jordan Fisher Song Produced by: Charles “Chizzy” Stephens III Vocals Produced, Arranged & … Continue reading

SEO vs. SEM: Knowing Which Is Right for Your Website

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM is the ‘parent’ and SEO is one of the ‘children’. What is SEO? Well it’s an ongoing process which helps you rank as high as possible in the organic search engine results, such as Google, for the keywords and … Continue reading

SEO Has Changed So Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The one thing which is absolutely frustrating is a so called SEO specialist still performing techniques which are years outdated and unfortunately this is the majority of our colleagues. Every person who has engaged such people had there business and there website on the guillotine, and then comes the two last updates earlier this year … Continue reading

Free Three Keyword Research Tools

Three Free Keyword Research Tools are not a substitute for detailed keyword research like I talked about in my first series of articles. Rather, they may help to either identify those keywords that are most important to your competitors, or help find obscure opportunities where there may be little search volume, but there is also little competition. KeywordEye … Continue reading

PPC Ad Testing Increase in CTR

189 Percent Increase in CTR A customized URL creates more relevance and assures the searcher that they will land on a page that contains the information they clicked on. 197 Percent Increase in CTR Appealing to the searcher’s psychology. 259 Percent Increase in CTR Keeping searching skills in mind. Everyone is capable of performing “One … Continue reading

Basic SEO For New Websites

Search engines maintain a huge database containing information from individual websites. Most of the information search engines collect isn’t listed on their results pages, but it is taken into consideration when it comes to deciding those results’ rankings. Typically a search engine operates, in the following order: 1. Crawling 2. Deep Crawling Depth-first search (DFS) … Continue reading


My Advice to All: Search engine Optimization and Pay Per click , Both are beneficial and Both have their own Pros and Cons. So My advice to you is combine both Techniques with care and enjoy the advantages and lead generation capability by reducing their disadvantages or Negative Impacts. However, you should have both type … Continue reading