Basic SEO For New Websites

Search engines maintain a huge database containing information from individual websites. Most of the information search engines collect isn’t listed on their results pages, but it is taken into consideration when it comes to deciding those results’ rankings.

Typically a search engine operates, in the following order:
1. Crawling
2. Deep Crawling Depth-first search (DFS)
3. Fresh Crawling Breadth-first search (BFS)
4. Indexing
5. Searching

Following a check list is very important in search engine optimization as SEO Professionals need to take care of so many things.Following are the few basic SEO factors which need to be followed for new websites in 2012..

SEO Checklist:

  • Domain TLD with Targeted Country Extension


  • Non-www to www redirection
  • Zero Broken Links
  • Search Engine friendly image Sizes
  • Low Page Size
  • User friendly URL Structure
  • Professional design
  • Easy Navigation


  • Unique Title Tags
  • Converting Meta Descriptions
  • Descriptive Alt tags
  • Customized Header Tags
  • Quality Content
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Xml Sitemap


  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster tools
  • Bing Webmaster account

Social Media:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube