PPC Ad Testing Increase in CTR

  • 189 Percent Increase in CTR

A customized URL creates more relevance and assures the searcher that they will land on a page that contains the information they clicked on.

  • 197 Percent Increase in CTR

Appealing to the searcher’s psychology.

  • 259 Percent Increase in CTR

Keeping searching skills in mind. Everyone is capable of performing “One Fast & Easy Search,” but some searchers might not know what “Location Filters” are or be comfortable using them.

  • 308 Percent Increase in CTR

Creativity and wordplay in using “You-nique” instead of personalized.

  • 355 Percent Increase in CTR

URL customization to increase relevancy.

  • 419 Percent increase in CTR

Using “In-Stock” and “Free Shipping” reinforce the availability and work well for searchers who are ready to make a purchase.

  • 434 Percent Increase in CTR

Understanding the searcher’s psychology. Not overpaying is definitely more important than the ability to compare for free.

  • 509 Percent Increase in CTR

This is one of my absolute favorite tests because it shows that sometimes, only a few minor changes (removing “chic” from the headline and adding “shoe” before “style” can make a huge difference.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Choosing a Metric to Test For

  • Test Results and Confidence Levels

  • Volume