Free Three Keyword Research Tools

Three Free Keyword Research Tools are not a substitute for detailed keyword research like I talked about in my first series of articles. Rather, they may help to either identify those keywords that are most important to your competitors, or help find obscure opportunities where there may be little search volume, but there is also little competition.

KeywordEye (

This tool defaults to Google UK since it’s developed by a UK team, so if you’re using it in the US, you’ll have to change it to Google US. The free version of this tool does limit you to 100 keywords, so while it’s useful for high level ideas, it’s not a keyword research substitute.

KeywordSpy (

Keyword Spy allows you to quite literally “spy” on keywords. It’s a great name. There are several features of the free version of this tool, but the one I like the best is the Domain spy tool. Those tabs across the top work too, and while with a free trial, you can only get 10-20 results in each tab, the information is still really useful.


SEMRush (

This tool is also a paid tool with a free option, but unlike other free options, I think this tool provides just enough data in its free application to be useful. Another area that SEMRush provides something you just don’t see everywhere else is “related keywords

So there are just a few free opportunities to get more keyword data. There are so many more I could cover, but after reviewing more than two dozen free keyword tools, these are my favorites. One other toolset that merits mention is the one from SEOBook, which is only partially keyword research, but between the tools and the browser extensions, will make your life so much easier.

What’s your favorite tool? Are there other features of the ones I covered that you couldn’t live without?

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