SEO Has Changed So Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The one thing which is absolutely frustrating is a so called SEO specialist still performing techniques which are years outdated and unfortunately this is the majority of our colleagues. Every person who has engaged such people had there business and there website on the guillotine, and then comes the two last updates earlier this year which shook up the SEO world and turned it on it’s head.

Over 30% of businesses online suffered major drops in both sales and traffic due to poor SEO techniques by the SEO companies they engaged

You may ask how this happened? It’s simple, over optimisation!

Over optimisation occurs when over 50% of your links have the exact same anchor text, the search engine with these updateswere able to identify that this looks unnatural and thus penalised these sites, the biggest hint i can provide anyone who needs SEO advice is that your website should be the most frequently used anchor text and not your keywords, these techniques are why people are still hurting.

Do not put all your eggs into one basket, a good SEO company will diversify your link profile by adding in all types of backlinks such as web 2.0 properties and social media links, the days are gone when you focused on just one word to get page one, you need to diversify your search engine optimisation strategy going forward.

Stop focusing on just one word and look to rank for the long tail keywords too, a colleague of mine had 80% of anchor text for the term SEO company, getting up to position 3, with recent updates they are now nowhere to be seen.