PPC Campaign Management and Analysis


PPC Campaign Management and Analysis

The PPC Campaign Management and Analysis program includes the following features:

  1.  Daily monitoring of keyword performance (traffic, sales, cost per acquisition and return on investment numbers), keyword evaluation and adding, removing and reconfiguring of keyword phrases, ad groups and ad copy to grow the total number of productive keyword phrases on a monthly basis
  2.  Monitoring of pre-set daily and monthly ad budgets
  3.  Ongoing optimizing of keyword bids for bid positions that yield the best return on pre-determined business objectives, e.g. Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Profit Margin (PM) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  4.  Periodic campaign structural reorganization by breaking existing ad groups into separate groups, with new ads and different landing pages
  5.  Create and test multiple ads for each keyword or keyword group to improve average click-through rate, raise average position and decrease cost-per-click
  6.  Ongoing monitoring of lost impression share due to insufficient budget or due to poor Ad Rank
  7.  Incorporate and expand the current campaign with new landing pages as required
  8.  Quarterly evaluation of the competition, keyword fluctuations and forecasting of the upcoming quarter, based upon historical data along with seasonal market considerations
  9.  “Live” telephone consulting as needed to discuss recommendations and changes to the keyword set, bid amounts, bid positions, bid rules, ad run schedule, keyword matching options and changes to the daily ad budget
  10.  Monthly ROI reports via email for monitoring of campaign activity and results, including cost per click (CPC), number of visitors, leads and sales

One thought on “PPC Campaign Management and Analysis

  1. I’ve spoken with a lot of PPC companies, but the most important thing that you can actually do to your marketing campaign is landing pages. Most companies sell you 1 single thing such as web design, or just Google Adwords, or just popups, or just retargeting etc. This is completely ludicrous because while 1 thing may make a difference in a stable marketing campaign, there is no single element that is a make or break element in online marketing, you need the entire package, and then hone/optimize from there. My business revenues increased by over 60% in two months once I picked a good agency that did more than just PPC, but also did my landing pages, retargeting, banner ads, etc. In fact, I’ve got Simon’s phone number right here, you can talk to him too.


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