PPC Plan of Action

Increase your Website Sales in 2 weeks, by using PPC

Pay per Click (meaning Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Yahoo/Bing/Ad center PPC ads) can get your website new leads and sales in less than 2 weeks. These PPC advertising platforms are made especially for new websites, as new websites usually take 4-6 months (or more) to rank, and thus get very little traffic in their first year.

PPC ads can get your website tons of relevant traffic, very fast. Considering traffic generation, Pay per Click mostly is seen as a temporary solution to get your website out there, in the top in the search engines, until after a few months the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work done will rank your website in the top. Then PPC can be phased out.  

PPC Plan of Action

PPC Plan of Action: Our PPC Plans include:

 Website landing page (quality score) optimization
o Competitor research
o SWOT (strength/weakness/opportunity/threat) research
o Keyword and google trends research
o SERP (search engine result page) research
o Landing page SEO settings optimization
o Landing page sales pitch optimization
o Click flow and menu optimization
o Google Pagerank Optimization
o Google Analytics and Google Sitemap install (when needed)
o Google Analytics Goal synchronization with Adwords
o Advice on Social Media Optimization(Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/YouTube/Google Wave/Press Releases)

 PPC campaign optimization
o Campaign structure optimization
o Campaign settings optimization
o Adgroup structure optimization
o Ad text, ad title, and display URL optimization
o Ad position optimization
o CTR maximization
o CPC minimization
o Conversion maximization
o Cost/conversion minimization
o Split (A/B) testing of ads
o Keyword Quality Score optimization
o PPC Conversion script install (when needed)

 An extensive (30 page) PPC analysis report, with all details and planned optimization steps explained. On top of that there are 5 targets which come with our PPC Plans.

 Targets: o Ad position Top 5
o View to click conversion (CTR) >1%
o Cost per click (CPC) below 50% of industry average for the market segment involved
o Click to Lead conversion >10%
o Click to Sale conversion >2%


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