Paid Tools for PPC Success


Remember, most paid tools offer free trials, so there’s little risk in testing them out.

Here are 18 must-have paid tools for PPC success, Suggested by eight PPC experts.

Bid Management Tools

There are several great providers out there, such as:

Competitive Intelligence Tools

  1. Spyfu (recommended by Luke Alley of Avalaunch Media)
  2. AdBeat (recommended by Andrew Bethel)
  3. Keyword Spy (recommended by Aaron Levy of SEER Interactive)
  4. SEMrush are all useful tools for competitive positioning and keyword research.
  • Visual Website Optimizer: you’ll love Visual Website Optimizer. (Thanks to Luke Alley for this tool suggestion.)
  • Supermetrics: Supermetrics does this for an affordable yearly fee. (Thanks to Andrew Bethel for this tool suggestion)
  • Next Analytics: Next Analytics creates dashboards with data from search and social media. (Thanks to Arianne Donoghue of Mamas for this tool suggestion)
  • Bizible: Use Bizible to combine AdWords and Google Analytics data with SalesForce to close the loop between your online marketing efforts and your lead nurturing system. (Thanks to Dave Rigotti for this tool suggestion)

Affiliate Monitoring

  1. Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog is usually thought of as an SEO tool,
  2. Basecamp: Basecamp isn’t a PPC tool per se. It’s project management software.
  3. ClickTime: Time tracking is a necessary evil for PPC agencies. You can use ClickTime as a time tracking solution.

Huge thanks to the PPC experts who contributed their suggestions for paid tools for PPC success.

So What are your favorite paid PPC tools?


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