Importance of PPC Advertising


The primary goal of PPC advertising is to drive as many targeted visitors as possible to your company’s website, enabling potential customers to take an action important to your business – purchasing a product or service, completing a sales inquiry form, or downloading a white paper and registering on your site.

The Importance of PPC Marketing for Your Business are as Follows:

  1. Immediate Visibility
  2. Target More Keywords
  3. Remarketing
  4. Higher Organic CTR

A PPC ad consists of a heading, a short summary and the company website address (URL). Every major search engine displays these paid ads above and to the right side of their “organic” or “natural” website search rankings. When someone clicks on the advertiser’s paid listing, they arrive at the advertiser’s website and are charged an amount up to the amount of their keyword bid.

The cost-per-click (CPC) for individual keywords will vary depending on the search engine, the geographic area targeted, and the level of competition for a particular keyword. There is no ‘right’ amount to budget for PPC campaigns; it depends on your company’s marketing goals and other factors unique to your situation. PPC campaign budgets must be tracked and adjusted over time.





One thought on “Importance of PPC Advertising

  1. Thank you for the helpful information. This is a type of marketing I’ve considered, but didn’t know much about. This certainly helps 🙂


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