Send Bulk SMS Based Lead Generation

Are your business is running under heavy losses and you want the immediate yet affordable solution to recover? Your desire can get wings of perfection via the assistance of low-priced bulk SMS service benefits. SMS is a unique and effective way for promoting a company or business organization, its products, services, events as well as the marketing campaigns via Short Message Service.

SMS Lead Generation mumbai india nm infosystem

Today, these Bulk SMS India services are much in demand among people as they are providing unique brand awareness services at highly affordable SMS service benefits. Basically, these affordable bulk SMS service providers in mumbai are software companies which proffer relevant software support which is essentially required in implementing the brand marketing campaigns over the targeted customer groups. With such perfection, your business becomes much popular among so many people at just ‘one’ click and it increases the consumer interests as well as revenues for your firm.

Best SMS Marketing Service in Mumbai India. For Send Bulk SMS Based 100% qualified Lead Generation services and find Better Leads and Close More Deals. 45% More Opportunities.

We offer cost effective website based Bulk SMS solution. Using this solution you can send bulk SMS in India at amazingly low cost. You can send SMS to any mobile (GSM or CDMA) with your own cell number as a numeric Sender ID (8108203820) or your own brand name Alpha-numeric sender ID (LM-MYBRND). Commitment and Pricing Quote: We work on Call commitment basis with after reviewing the projects details.

  • Buy 1 Lac BULK SMS @18 Paisa/SMS.
  • With 1 Lac BULK SMS Campaign we provide a Min 30-40 enquiry or Calls.
  • Note=These commitments calls are minimum calls. If we failed to achieve what we have committed, we will do the re-campaigning to fulfill the committed calls.



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